Select one of the following questions to find the answer. These frequently asked questions will be updated as we receive them.

  • Are there any grants available for the installation of a wood stove
  • How does a modern wood-stove work?
  • Are Wood stoves environmentally friendly
  • Will a wood stove reduce our heating bills?
  • What are the fuel options with a stove
  • Can I run a wood-burning stove 24 hours a day?
  • Wood-only or Multi-fuel?
  • Seasoning firewood
  • Kiln Dried Logs
  • Burning unseasoned logs
  • Open fires vs wood burning stoves
  • Stove pipe thermometers
  • Does my chimney need lining?
  • I haven't got a chimney, can I still have a stove?
  • Burning properties of different species of wood
  • How well does a wood burning stove heat your home?
  • Can I install a wood-stove if I live in a “Smoke Control Area”?

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