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Here are some of the wood burning stoves we supply. If the wood burner you’re interested in isn’t listed, it doesn’t mean we’re not able to supply it. We’ve been in the business for a long time and we’re well connected so are able to source wood and multi fuel burner stoves from all the leading manufacturers.

Contura 35
Contura 35 is a cousin of the Red dot design Award-winning Contura 35T. Instead of having a soapstone surround, Contura
Contura 450
The glass surfaces give a wonderful view into the fire. The efficient firebox and heat tank in the cover also produce
Contura 655
The wood burning stoves in the 600 range are available with lots of different options, but this model includes side
Contura 780
We are taking the step into a new decade with the Contura 700 range. The contemporary design, by the renowned Swedish
Contura 810
The base model of the range is available in grey and black with a generous glass area in the door. The chimney can be
Contura 850
Contura 800 has taken its inspiration from the famous superellipse. The shape makes this stove compact and attractive,
Contura 880
The pillar mounted stove allows the fire to be seen even better in the room. A turntable allows the stove to be turned
Contura 26T
The generous glass area makes the fire visible throughout the room. Combine a soapstone stove with a fan for extra
Contura 34T
The refined proportions and well thought out design of Contura 34T give a discrete and majestic impression. With a 70

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